Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Internships!

Yesterday was the Internship Orientation for the School of Communication and we were giving away internships to all who attended! Well, actually, we were giving away free advice on how to get an internship. Nothing is really for free and how can you put a price on our advice?

The workshop highlight was when we opened up with senior Neev Zaiet, a print journalism major, telling the group about her unconventional way of getting her dream internship with Neev, an avid snowboarder herself, wanted to combine her love for writing with her love for snowboarding. While attending one of the biggest snowboarding events of the year, Neev approached the editor for the magazine and said “Hi, I’d like to intern for you.” The editor, impressed with her confidence and interest in writing, gave her the internship on the spot! Now, this scenario doesn’t happen every day but it can be an inspiration to you. Yes, definitely apply to internships in the conventional way through postings, websites, career fairs, but don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and go for what you want!

~Deanna Rodin, Associate Director and Internship Coordinator

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