Friday, December 16, 2011

THE END………for now

It’s that time of year, again for studying, preparing for tests, and presentations; some are leaving, time for graduation.  We wish you well, we wish you might, keep your eyes on the prize for those jobs in sight.  But before you leave and bid us adu, we have a few things we wish to tell you.  If you are in need, of the services we provide, know we are here for you; we are on your side.  We have resources, and some insights; we can ease some of your fears and most of your frights. The landscape is hard, it is not one of pleasure but with our help, you may find your treasure. So bring us your resumes, your questions we’ll take too, know this, if nothing else, The Career Center is here for you!

Congratulations to the December 2011 Graduates!!!

--Chaundra Daniels, Assistant Director

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