Thursday, March 22, 2012

Resume Rap

Yesterday, The Career Center and Off-Campus Living and Commuting Student Services presented a fun video that talked about many of the important aspects of creating a GREAT resume! Due to the great turn out (shout to the sisters of Phi Epsilon) we engaged in an in-depth discussion about how to make the most of YOUR experience.

Here are some of the questions that sparked great talking points:

  1. I am a member of an athletic team/ Greek organization/ campus club, how can I highlight this on my resume?

    Accurately representing your campus/ community involvement on your resume is an opportunity for you to enhance your experience. Treat your leadership role just like you would a paid experience, include information such as, the name of the club, name of the university, name of position and the dates that you were in this role. After providing stated information, follow with bullet points, elaborating on experience gained, including major responsibilities, transferable skills, achievements and contributions.

  2. Should I include computer skills on my resume?

    Before jumping to a conclusion, it is important for you to consider the industry you plan to pursue. Think about what software, databases and programs that would be important and valuable to them! Are you a marketing/ communications major? Then it would be wise to include social platforms you are familiar with such as Twitter, Blogspot, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Are you a Radio, T.V. and Film major? Think about what cameras, lighting systems, radio equipment you have utilized. By including information that is important to potential employers, they will be more likely to push you on to the second round, the interview!

  3. I have a part-time job as a waitress/ waiter/ babysitter/ receptionist, are companies going to find value in these experiences? Should I include them on my resume?

    YES, you should include your part-time experiences on your resume. Not only does it show your "employ-ability," but it also provides another opportunity for you to highlight transferable skills you gained. Take time to reflect on your experiences! So, you’re a waitress, before you disregard the valuable skills you have enhanced, take time to think about what you have learned through this role. You do much more than just serve food! You provide a meaningful experience to all customers, engage in conflict resolution when people are dissatisfied, perform in a fast-paced environment, serve 40+ guests in a five hour shift and contribute to a team. These are all pertinent responsibilities to highlight on your resume! Provide the same care, thought and detail to all of your experiences!

~ Alison Charlebois, Graduate Assistant

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