Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Administrative Professionals Week

This week marks the 60th Anniversary for Administrative Professionals Week! Support Staff members should be celebrated and appreciated everyday of the year!  They are “the pulse of the office” and this is a great thing to know in the midst of job search or interviewing.  Remember this tip when walking in for your next interview, make sure you are polite to the receptionist, the secretaries, or front desk staff. They are the heart and pulse of that office and that’s where your interview really begins.   First impressions are crucial to you landing your next job!
So, please join The Career Center as we celebrate our own support staff: Jayne and MaryBeth!   They are a crucial part of our team. They welcome all our visitors with a smile and quick service, while they perform all their other job responsibilities.   
Jayne Sinacore
MaryBeth Dwyer

~ Enza Vario, Director of Operations

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