Friday, April 27, 2012

Some real world rules to live by...

Happy Friday!

So many of you might be interning this summer and those who are graduating may be ready to start a new job!  All of this is very exciting.  Keep in mind that when you go into the professional world, you really have to adjust to that environment.  Here's a link to an excellent article about business etiquette.
Business Etiquette: 5 Rules That Matter Now

Some of them may not really pertain to you now, but there is one that I really want to hone in on.

- The "no cell phone" rule.

Unless your job requires to send tweets from an electronic device, you should have your phone tucked away.  If you are texting all day long, or even worse, during meetings, it comes across that you really don't care and you aren't listening.  We all are guilty of this, including myself.  We live in a technology based world, but we don't need to  be checking facebook all the time, right?

So do yourself a huge favor.  Stay away from the phone and if you are expecting an important phone call, just let your supervisor know and they will appreciate the heads up.

~ Kat Castro, Assistant Director

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