Monday, May 21, 2012

Reflections on Commencement

This past week marked my 15th year working for the commencement process.  Many of us gathered in the Plaza Rooms to make sure that our graduating students had a smooth and memorable graduation weekend.  As students collected their caps and gowns and proceeded to fill out the graduation survey, the Career Center staff  made sure they knew about career services. For example, the Career Center is open all summer long, and graduates still have access to the Pride-Career Management System. We understand that many of our new graduates, at this time, are stressed, emotional, and excited.  We are here to help! Remember, that The Career Center offers guidance and resources for many years to come. 

This year’s commencement was memorable to me, because my little girl graduated!  Graduation day was amazing; the air was filled with pride and excitement.  As she walked across the stage to a new life, I became so proud of her accomplishments and independence.   Commencement is the beginning of something new and this special milestone will not be forgotten.  As a parent of a new graduate, let me say congratulations to the families of the graduating class of 2012, you did it!   

 ~Enza Vario, Director of Operations

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