Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Week!

For once I am at a loss for words.  I keep on trying to google to come up with some inspiration on what to write for my blog post.  I decided to quit on searching career and job topics, because you know what?  You'll definitely be hearing about all that this upcoming semester, so why overwhelm you now? 

I think what we would you like for you is to enjoy your first few days on campus.  Wipe the dust off of your thinking caps, and soak it all in.  One thing for sure that I have learned in my many years of life (lol I'm not that old, just older) is that time certainly FLIES by.  Live each moment.  Be in the present.  Taste the food that you are eating and try to figure out all in the ingredients.  I know I'm weird, but when you really think about what you are eating, you are living in the moment and savoring it all. 

So while you unpack your bags and meet new friends just remember this is YOUR time.  Treasure every moment, because once it's over, you'll be working for the rest of your lives and that's my cue....

Come visit us after you soaked it all in!  We would love to help you with anything career related or even just to meet you! :)  We are located behind CV Starr in Robert Lowe Hall and we don't bite (don't believe the rumors)!

~Kathleen Castro, Assistant Director

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