Thursday, September 20, 2012

Creating a Profile on Linked in

There are many of you that already have Facebook, but do you also have a Linked in profile? If not, I suggest you get one started when you can.  And the best thing is - it's FREE!  Here are a few tips on how to create a professional profile:

  • Create an interesting but informative headline
    • The headline shows the reader a quick catchphrase about you.  It's your brand.  Some examples: Hofstra honors student seeking spring 2013 internship"  or something as simple as "Junior, Hofstra University"
  • Choose a professional photo - this is not Facebook, so it would need to be a clear photo of yourself.
  • Show off your school!  Your major and minor should be listed as well as any activities that you participate in on campus.
  • Your summary statement should be strong and professional.  This would be very similar to your cover letter where you are highlighting your skills in a concise way. 
  • Include your work history along with any other volunteer experience.  It's very similar to an online version of your resume. 
In order to make sure your Linked in is viewed, you need to connect with others! Start with family, coworkers, friends, etc.  Soon you will build your network.  Also, very important, join groups! There are plenty of Hofstra groups on there, so take advantage.  If you are a marketing major, join a marketing professionals group!  There are so many to choose from and there's no limit.

So that's just a snapshot of what you can do with Linkedin.  Check out other profiles as well to get some ideas.  We also have a Linked in "cheat sheet" here in our office for some guidance, so pick one up!

~Kat Castro, Assistant Director

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