Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Want to put some “pizzazz “ into your next presentation?

I have always used Power Point for my presentations. It was simple, straight forward, and the only presentation software I knew how to use. That changed recently when I was introduced to new presentation software called “Prezi.”  Although I had heard of it in passing, I never took the time to sit down and learn what it was all about. So when I was recently given an opportunity to create a presentation I thought, “Okay, let’s see what this Prezi thing is all about.”

After a few hours of research and exploration, I found Prezi to be a relatively easy and fun alternative to Power Point.  Prezi differs from Power Point in numerous ways. Unfortunately, my technological vocabulary is not quite as advanced as I would like so I am not going to try to explain the technicalities that are behind making Prezi super cool. What I will say is that it is much more visually stimulating than power point. Aside from the fun templates you can choose from, you have the option to zoom in and out which offers more dimension (and if overused, I learned, can make the viewer a little dizzy or nauseous).

As much as I enjoyed using Prezi I do not think it is an appropriate form of presentation for ALL occasions. If your situation, subject matter, and/or audience calls for a more straight forward, no “bells and whistles” approach, then you are probably better off sticking to good ole Power Point. An example of a situation where I feel Prezi would be an appropriate form of presentation is in the classroom. Whether in a high school or collage environment, I think it would be great for teachers to use as a way to keep students more engaged and interested.  So put a little “pizzazz” into your next presentation, and give Prezi a try! Creating an account is free and easy. Check out the website to learn more! 

-Kaitlyn Riley, Graduate Assistant 

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