Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Importance of a Cover Letter!

Why Are Cover Letters Important?                                  

·       Provides a way for you to introduce yourself and explain to a hiring manager why you are a good fit for the position.
·       Highlights specific experiences on your resume and explains transferrable skills.
·       Helps you market to a prospective employer why you meet the specific job requirements and why you would be an asset to that institution/organization/company.

How to Write a Cover Letter (Hint: Go to our Career Planning Handbook pp.40

A strong cover letter should:
·       Include specific information about why you want to work for the employer
·       Exemplify solid writing skills and be succinct
·       Demonstrate your knowledge of the position
·       Align your experience with the desired qualifications of the employer
·       Address any potential concerns about your application

The basic cover letter has three sections:
·       Section 1 – Tell why you are writing; state how you found out about the organization/position; mention any referrals
·       Section 2 – Highlight one or more experiences (job, activities, projects) that illustrate a relevant skill and indicates how you can make a contribution
·       Section 3 – Indicate your interest in meeting to discuss the organization/position, and thank the employer for his/her time and consideration

What can The Career Center do to help?

·       “Quick Question” hours at The Career Center are available Monday-Thursday: 2-4pm and Fridays: 11am-1pm. Here you can meet with a counselor and have your resume and/or cover letter critiqued!
·       Make an individual appointment with a career counselor by calling (516) 463-6060.
·       Use the Career Planning Handbook as a guide and reference!

Useful Article:

Please remember we are here to help you succeed, so utilize these useful resources!!!

-Lauren Behr, Assistant Director

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