Thursday, November 8, 2012


 Yesterday we had our first Health Internship Fair in the Student Center Main Dining Room and it was a great success! We had a great turn out with wonderful group of diverse employers including hospitals, non-profits, and numerous organizations.

We had close to 100 students, so give yourselves a pat on the back! Our students looked wonderful in their professional attire and were prepared with revised and polished resumes.

Speaking of resumés… Do you have one? Do you not even know where to begin? Did you feel prepared? The Career Center is here to help you with resumé reviews and mock interviews! But let’s start of with resumé writing…

Here is the first few steps to beginning your resume writing process:

Begin by writing down everything you might want to include about yourself on a resumé, including:
• Educational background
• Study abroad experiences
• Course work/projects
• Employment history
• Internships
• Activities
• Honors/awards
• Skills (language, computer, etc.)
• Community service endeavors
• Research/publications

Expand on these by writing down the following details pertaining to each section:
Locations (city/town, state)

For employment history, list your major responsibilities, projects worked on, skills learned, and goals achieved. Think about how you:
• Improved the work process.
• Helped increase the quality or reduced the cost of a product or service.
• Thoroughly satisfied a customer.
• Helped increase the sales or profits of the organization or a particular event. • Learned skills that are transferrable to any work environment.
• Contributed to the organizations’ goals.
• Were recognized for your achievements and/or contributions.

Describe the above accomplishments using STAR statements: the SITUATION/TASK you faced, the ACTION you took, and the RESULTS you achieved.

Want to learn more about resumé writing? Check out the Career Center Handbook at:

Also, remember that we have Quick Question Hours at the Career Center to have your resumé reviewed:
Monday-Thursday: 2-4pm
Fridays: 11am-1pm

-Lauren Behr
Assistant Director

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