Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Martha Stewart and Linkedin...What?!?!


As I was looking through my email today, I glanced at my daily newsletter from Linkedin. I noticed this really nice piece written by Martha Stewart, "Best Advice: You Can Do Anything You Choose".  Not only did this piece seem fitting to share with you, but reminded me of all the amazing features of Linkedin. Many college students are already successfully using this site in their career searches but I know there are many of you wondering how to begin.

1. Craft an informative profile headline
2. Display an appropriate photo
3. Show off your education
4. Develop a professional summary statement
5. Fill your Specialities section with keywords
6. Update your Status weekly
7. Show your connectedness with Linkedin Groups (badges)
8. Collect diverse recommendations and endorse others
9. Claim your unique Linkedin URL
10. Share examples of your work
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And don't forget that you can research company pages, see job openings, and research how you are connected to employees!

-Suzanne Dagger, Director of Career Services

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