Thursday, February 28, 2013


I have just returned from a week long relaxing vacation abroad visiting family.  I know many of you may not have an opportunity to travel abroad, but as Spring Break approaches and you reconnect with friends and family try to remember to reconnect with you.  Take time to reflect on what is important, and why you chose Hofstra University.  Make sure you invest time in doing things that "power up" your battery. Think about what happens to your cell phone when you forget to charge it or you forget to change the oil in your car; the phone dies or the car is sluggish, and that is how you will feel.  How can you focus on school work if you are not "CHARGED"?  Think about how you can improve yourself. Maybe you need to manage your time better or get more sleep.  Whatever it is, rejuvenate yourself and return to school refreshed and focused.  Life is about balance; it's not all work or all play.  Start thinking about how you plan to recharge over Spring Break and leave a comment on our blog!

-Lorraine Massiah, Assistant Director 

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