Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nayelli's First Blog

Hi Hofstra students!

I am excited to be typing my first entry for the The Career Center blog. My name is Nayelli Perez and I have recently started working at The Career Center as an Assistant Director. I look forward to meeting with you and helping with your career related questions. Not only am I an employee at Hofstra, but I also go to school here for my Master’s in Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies. Like many of you, I know what it is like to try to balance school, work and whatever time is left for a social life. I also balanced work and school while I was an undergrad (with a personal record of having 5 jobs in one summer). You don’t have to be workaholic like I was, but if you decide to work while also being a college student, here are some suggestions that helped me (not too many years ago):

1.    Try to find a job that will allow you to do homework “on the job”. For example, when I was in college, I worked as a receptionist and was able to read my school books when I wasn’t answering phones.
2.    Try to have bosses that understand your responsibility of being a student and are willing to give you time off if needed (e.g., finals week), or will let you fit in schoolwork while working.
3.    If you need more time to finish homework when you’re not in class or work, give up one media-related thing that takes up time. Believe it or not, going on to catch up on celeb news or watching SportsCenter repeats over and over eats up time. You might want to give those up for the semester, and see what happens.
4.    Stay you – if you have a hobby that you enjoy (like writing, working out, drawing, etc.), you don’t have to give it up. Pick when you can fit those things in your schedule, so you can look forward to doing them.
5.    Food Routines – Instead of constantly buying food from fast food places when you’re on the go, make a schedule of what you want to eat for your meals during the week and buy the food you need for this schedule on Sunday. This will save you money, keep you organized, and give you the opportunity to eat healthy food.
6.    Remember that you are gaining valuable experience by working (no matter what industry you are working in). Pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you have accomplished so far.



      -Nayelli Perez, Assistant Director 

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