Thursday, March 21, 2013

Professional Etiquette Dinner Recap!

The Etiquette Dinner was a fabulous event with a wonderful turnout from students and staff!  Michele Pollard Patrick brought in-depth knowledge and a wonderful energy to this one-of-a-kind presentation on professional etiquette and successful interpersonal skills for  ‘dining with distinction’.

Honors College 
Here are some helpful tips we learned from the presentation
  • Wait for your host or hostess to begin eating before you do. Make sure you follow this rule in between courses as well. 
  • To unfold a large dinner napkin, open the napkin halfway and place the folded edge so it faces your waistline. The luncheon napkin, which is smaller, is opened fully. 
  • If you have specific dietary needs, let the host know when you RSVP for the event.
  • Hold a soup spoon the way you would hold a pencil (steady it between you index finger and middle finger, but turn your thumb up rather than down). Soup is then spooned away from you towards the center of the bowl.
  • How to fold the knife and fork: Open your hand, palm up. Place the knife and fork on the open hand. Let half of the handle of the knife and fork rest on the palm of the hand; the rest of it rests on the index finger. Grasp and turn over your hand, resting your index finger along the handle. 
  • Toasts are offered before the desert course to propose a toast to the guest of honor. When you are toasted, you may hold the glass but do not take a sip.
GOLD Leadership 

Women's Softball Team 

Here are the answers from our previous blog:


I. The appropriate time to discuss business at the table is:
   a. During cocktails
   b. During dessert course
   c. During the entrée’ course

II. When using chopsticks, one should never:
   a. Use the wide end of the chopsticks
   b. Point at others with the chopsticks
   c. Join them together to scoop food into your mouth

III. When you complete your meal, place your utensils
   a. At the top of your plate.
   b. In the 10 to 4 position on your plate.
   c. In a V formation on your plate.

IV. Which of the following statements is true?
   a. You may break crackers into your soup.
   b. You may move the bread plate closer when eating your bread.
   c. The BMW is the vehicle to fine dining.

We would like to thank Michele Pollard Patrick, and all of our participating students and staff who attended this wonderful evening!
Michelle Pollard Patrick 
Lauren Behr, Assistant Director 

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