Friday, March 1, 2013

Take The Plunge!

A few weekends ago, while most people were getting ready to watch the Superbowl, I was taking part in the Polar Bear Plunge at Long Beach. A lot of my friends thought I was crazy to take part in this, but I considered this event to be on my bucket list, so no one was going to stop me from taking part. After finally going through it, I can say that it was an enjoyable experience and I will probably do it again next year.

The important thing to keep in mind if you decide to ever take part in a Polar Bear Plunge is that the hardest part is the anticipation of waiting to actually take the plunge. After rushing into the cold water, everything afterwards is easy in comparison, especially if you take some suggested steps to make the plunge as smooth as possible. Taking the plunge can relate to many areas of life, like career planning.

STEP 1: Have the necessary gear.
I knew that I had to wear warm clothes on my way to the beach for the event. I had to save up my warmth until the right moment when it would be time to run into the water with only my bikini on. I also made sure to drink beverages that would keep me warm, like hot cocoa of course. In your career preparation, it is also helpful to have the right gear: resume, cover letters, interview preparation and wardrobe to make a few. You also have to evaluate whether your gear is appropriate for your career goals. For example, does your resume reflect the qualities that would make you a great candidate for that job you are aiming for?

STEP 2: The Plunge
It’s pretty much a free for all at the Polar Bear Plunge once it’s time to make your way to the water. As long as you are wearing swimwear there are no rules except for one: you must submerge your whole body in the water, head and all. To prepare for your future career, it’s best go “all in” and put forth your best effort.  If you want to make sure that your career gear is at its best potential, a visit to The Career Center is a great idea, either during our Quick Questions hours or by making an appointment to see a career counselor. When you visit us, you can ask career-related questions, get your resume critiqued, get advice on your cover letter, attend workshops, and more. This place is a great start to reach your career goals.

STEP 3: Encore
Some of the people at the Polar Beach Plunge aren’t satisfied with submerging themselves in the cold ocean once; they are more than willing to go back in again for an encore. I was one of those people, and going in a second time was more refreshing than the first. Like the Polar Bear Plunge, career planning doesn’t have to be a one-time event. Once you have gone to The Career Center to get some advice, do it again. A good tip is to get your resume checked at least once a year. As you gain more experience and skills, your resume will need to be changed. Also, for every job you apply to, you will probably need a custom-made cover letter to go along with it.

I’m sure you get the idea by now. Career planning is a never-ending process than can start at The Career Center. All you need to do is take the plunge.

-Nayelli Perez, Assistant Director 

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