Thursday, April 11, 2013

Liberal Arts Degrees: A Gateway to Many Opportunities

            My internship experience as a whole at WABC-TV during the summer of 2012 was transformational. I had gotten this internship with the idea of going into Broadcast Journalism. I worked in the newsroom and had made multiple connections within the media circles of the greater New York City area. When the News Director finally came around to asking the fellow interns and myself what our major was and what we wanted to do for our careers many stated Journalism or Broadcasting. The director then turned to me and asked what my major was and I informed him it was Political Science with a minor in Journalism. After seeming surprised by my answer, he explained that many people that go into this field tend to be a Broadcasting or Journalism majors.  He appreciated the fact that I am a Political Science major because he hoped I could offer a different perspective and add variety to a field dominated by Journalism and Broadcasting majors. After continuing on in my internship, I found my true passion while working at WABC-TV in Marketing and Sales. Surprisingly, the main Account Executive in the Marketing and Sales department also had a Political Science degree and worked in Journalism for almost ten years before securing his current position and is now in-line to be the next Account Manager. This experience gave me reassurance that with a liberal arts degree was not a limitation but simply a gateway to many other opportunities.

Adam Sindeband, Senior, Guest Blogger 

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