Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Menu for Chicken Soup... and a Resume!


All resumes are like chicken soup. The soup has three crucial ingredients: Broth, Chicken and Vegetables.   Resumes are the same--the main ingredients include: Name, Education, and Work Experience.


Chicken: What part of the chicken are you using? The breast or the thigh?
This is the main meat of your dish.

Broth: What broth are you starting with? Water or cream based?
Vegetables: Which ones are you using? Peas, carrots, or corn? 


Name and Address: Names should be larger on the page, and in bold type. Don’t overstate your address, but you can put both campus and permanent (home) addresses. Make sure you include a phone number and email address, too!
Education: It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the bottom of the page or the top—wherever you choose! Include Study Abroad semesters, and don’t use high school unless you’re a first-year student.
Work Experience: What have you done that makes you a great candidate? Just like how vegetables add depth and substance to your soup, your experiences add to you!

Now, spice it up! You add spices to such as cilantro, ginger, or paprika to flavor your soup, right? So make sure you add headings to your resume that “pop” off the page like: key achievements, international experience, or special projects!

What about Honors or Awards? YES! Add them if you are proud of it.  Example: Girl Scout Gold Award or Eagle Scout Award.  This speaks to your character, and gives you all the more flavor!

 What are your spices? What is going to make you stand out?

Brag! Do not undersell yourself.  If you are at a loss for what to say in your job descriptions, GOOGLE it and you will gain several ideas.

Be the best you on your resume.  When all the ingredients come together it will make you “workforce ready!”

Lorraine Massiah, Assistant Director 

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