Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dear Students...

Ask yourself; Why are you at Hofstra?

Did you love the first campus tour you took?
Is the major of your dreams offered here?
Was a college education expected of you?
You got a great scholarship?
Is your significant other here?
Was location a major factor?
Maybe you wanted to be in close NYC but not directly in it?

Whatever the reason you may have for being here, statistics say a college graduate will earn more over the course of their lifetime than someone who only holds a high school diploma.  You are here at Hofstra to increase your earning potential, so why not gain a return on that investment by visiting The Career Center and seeing what services we offer?

This article outlines six ways any student can make the most of their Career Services on campus: To get started, visit us, either online or in person. Build a resume, cover letter or attend a workshop to see what we have to help.

No matter what brought you to Hofstra, you are here, and we are here for you!

Lorraine Massiah, Assistant Director

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