Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prepping for Graduation

I have recently been meeting with a lot of students who are preparing to graduate in May. No matter what you plan to do after graduation, there are some essential things you need to do to prepare. As a career counselor, I can tell you that if you are graduating and are looking to pursue full-time employment, now is the time to start the process. A lot goes into the "process," including updating your resume and getting your resume and cover letter critiqued, completing a mock interview, researching companies you want to work for, and reviewing job descriptions. There are so many job board websites, some of which you can find on The Career Center's website. Click here if you would like to take a look! It is also a good idea to start increasing your networking efforts and reaching out to your existing contacts to let them know you are graduating. 

These are just a few things you should be doing to prepare. For a more in depth list, check out this article. If you have questions about your job search, make sure you visit The Career Center! We are here to help! 

Kaitlyn Riley, Assistant Director 

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