Friday, April 25, 2014

The Top 7 Body Language Mistakes Made on Interviews

The Career Center offers mock interviews year round, but right now is our busy season for interviewing
prep.  Students are coming in every day to practice before the “real thing.”  We are so often concentrating on what to say that we forget the importance of our nonverbal communication, aka body language.  It doesn’t matter what we say if we are saying the opposite with our body.  For instance, has a friend ever told you what you were saying was “so interesting” but instead was looking around or at his/her phone?  It would be far more believable if your friend were making eye contact, right?  The point, don’t underestimate body language on an interview!  

When practicing with students, I have found these to be the top body language mistakes:
  1. Crossing your arms or legs
  2. Avoiding eye contact, or staring too long
  3. Repeating gestures over and over, or fidgeting
  4. Not smiling
  5. Bad posture (leaning back, leaning forward, slouching)
  6. Weak handshake, or too aggressive a handshake
  7. Playing with your hair or with something on the table like a pen

If you’re not sure which of these mistakes you are making, if any, then join the rest of your peers and make an appointment for a mock interview by calling our office at 463-6060.  Happy Interviewing!

Deanna Rodin,
Associate Director

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