Thursday, April 24, 2014

Things ARE Looking Up!

For so long now, we have been bombarded with images, news articles, and for many of us the stark reality of unemployment.  As a result, college students across the country have been left with feelings of confusion, disillusionment, and apathy.  Many college students still question if the economy is still suffering like it was a few years back and/or what is the purpose of their college degree if it is so hard to find a job?

As a native New Yorker who regularly reads Newsday and watches the local and cable news affiliates, I have become used to seeing negative reports on job prospects for college graduates. For instance, at our Spring Career Fair, which hosted 114 organizations looking to recruit students and alumni, WCBS produced a news segment with the message that it was still hard to get a job.

Hmmmmm.... that was indeed strange, since there were so many organizations at the fair that were looking to hire! Furthermore, I directly witness and see the data that Hofstra graduates find jobs at a strong rate and for the last few years on a national level, the hiring of college graduates was on the upswing, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.  So why, then, was the media still reporting how difficult the job market is for college graduates?

Well, to my pleasant surprise in Thursday's edition of Newsday, there were two positive articles on the same page with the headlines "Local jobless rate dips" and "Job outlook improving for new grads."  This is what I am witnessing at the Hofstra Career Center! It is getting better. Our graduates are getting hired. True, it may not be in their ideal position, but there are jobs out there.

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Suzanne Dagger,
Director of Career Services

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