Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Advice for the Class of 2014: Be a Happy Grad!

Congratulations, Class of 2014 -- we're only 11 days away from the big day! Yep, I said we; I'll be walking across that stage in the Arena on the 18th too! 

The post-graduation landscape is one which is stereotypically scary, but in reality the job market and landscape is truly improving and better than in recent years, as pointed out by this article. Unfortunately, there are still hurdles to be overcome, but know that there are options out there; you just have to stay optimistic and driven in your search!

While perusing the internet for tips to keep your spirits high, I found out about the "Happy Grad Project," which aims to do just that. Here, you can find career advice, webinars, inspirational quotes, and a forum that allows you to connect with other recent graduates. It can help re-charge your outlook on your post-graduate job search and you excited about what the future holds for you! You can see real-time updates by following the hashtag #HappyGradProject on Twitter.

It's our time, Class of 2014; We can choose whatever we want, so let's choose to be Happy Grads!

Good Luck and Congratulations,
Amy Smith,
Graduate Assistant

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