Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You Can Go The Distance in Your Career!

Have you ever wanted to work in another country but don’t know how to get started?  Are you an international student that wants to find out how to work in the US in the future? Hofstra can help with both!

If you go on the main page of Pride CMS ( à my apps à Pride – Career Management System), you can now click on the link for Going Global.

This site, which is free for Hofstra students, gives useful information on how to find jobs and internships in any country you want to work in.

Here are the top 3 things you can do to get started, once you find your country of interest:
  • Find Professional Associations or Networking Groups – Try to get in touch with these groups to see if they offer an event you might want to attend if you visit the country. You can also see if you can have an informational interview by phone or skype/facetime with people from these groups to find out more about what it’s like to work in the country.
  • Check out the Work Permit and Visas section to see what the application process is like to get work authorization to work in the country of your choice.
  • Look at the Resume and Cover Letter Guidelines to see if you will need to edit your resume and cover letter according to what is the norm in the country you want to work in. 

If you need extra help, make sure to make an appointment with The Career Center or stop by the Multicultural & International Students Programs Office to speak to staff members on campus that can help you with your relocation journey.
Nayelli Perez, Assistant Director 

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