Friday, October 31, 2014

Scared You Won’t Get a Spring Internship?

Don’t let these events sneak up on you…

As a child, we are scared by ghosts and ghouls.  But now, as a college student, missing spring internship deadlines can elicit a frightening shriek.  Plan ahead so you don’t give your roommate a heart attack! 

Enjoy your costume parties, scary movies or other plans for this spooky day but come November, here are two internship events you can attend to ward off any bad omens. 

Target Info Session
November 4th 4-5:30 in The Career Center

Open to juniors and seniors of all majors.  Find out about the job and internship opportunities at Target, as well as their commitment to volunteering, health and wellness.

JAGUAR FREIGHT Paid Rotational Internship Program Info Session
November 5th 3:30-5 in The Career Center
The rotational program covers operations, marketing & sales, social media, finance, accounting, and information technology.  Yes, it is paid, now there is a treat!  They are seeking undergraduate and graduate students in any major for an internship starting January 2015. This is a great chance for any student to get a well-rounded view of an international logistics company.

NORDSTROM’S Paid Retail Management Internship Info Session
November 14th 2pm at Nordstrom’s, The Roosevelt Field Mall, 3rd Floor
This internship is designed to jumpstart your career and prepare you to move into an assistant department manager role.  You’ll rub elbows with some of the top performers at Nordstrom and learn from the best while earning competitive commission based pay and merchandise discounts.  Discounts at Nordstrom’s?  Yes please!  This program is open to active college students who will be graduating in 2015 or 2016. 

Right now, talking to employers might seem scarier than hanging out at a graveyard past midnight but trust me, it is all smoke and mirrors.  The scary employer in a suit ready to interrogate you is not the norm.  They want to put you at ease to get to know you, and hopefully hire you.  Check out these events and you will realize there is nothing to fear.

Thanks for checking in with The Career Center blog and we hope you have a very spooky day (insert scary laugh).

Happy Halloween,

Deanna Rodin, Associate Director

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