Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hit a Home Run in your Job and Internship Search

Last night, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 7 games, in a great ending to an exciting postseason. In baseball, like all professional sports, each season comes with many ups and downs. It got me thinking about how these ups and downs of the season can resemble our searches for internships or full-time positions!

Training pays off!
When our favorite teams come back to the game for Spring Training, it’s easy to pin-point who has (and hasn’t) spent their off-season staying in shape. The same holds true for your job search process; even if you’ve already secured an internship for the coming semester or a job for after you graduate, use that time to update your resume and cover letter or brush up on your interviewing skills to be in tip-top shape so you can hit the ground running for your  next search!

In a slump? Don’t worry!
Players very often find that at some point in the season, they don’t hit or field as well as they had at the beginning of the season. You may hit similar slumps in your search process, but keep going! One day, you may wake up to find that all of a sudden, you’ve hit your stride again and are out of the slump!

Finish strong!
Just as a postseason series might go all 7 games (as we just saw last night!), you may have to go through multiple interviews with a company for a job or internship position. Keep your energy up through each of these interactions, and make sure you show your enthusiasm!
There are 162 games in each baseball season, and no team wins every single game. Similarly, you may not get called back for an interview for every position for which you’ve sent in a resume. But by being prepared, showing up, and giving your all to each and every opportunity, you set yourself up for success!

After all… it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game!

Good luck!

Amy Smith, Assistant Director

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