Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Student Blogger: Hofstra PR Major Talks Dreams and Career Prep

Where do you see yourself after your time at Hofstra?

After I graduate from Hofstra University in May 2016, I will hopefully be working at a public relations firm in New York City.

What are the most interesting experiences you’ve had on campus (with a club, greek life, class, etc) and/or at a job or internship? What did you learn or take away from these experiences?

The most interesting experience I’ve had on campus is the Networking Dinner and the Public Relations Conference. Through these two events, you get to network with different professionals from different industries. These two events also help you figure out what your interests are and where you want to intern and work in the future. Also, my internship is another great experience I have here at school because I know exactly what I’ll be doing in the future, I’m getting real world experience that I can’t get in the classroom, and I know that this is exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life.

What advice would you give to your classmates regarding their professional development?

Advice I would give to my classmates regarding their professional development is to join a club related to your major because of all the skills that you learn and all the networking opportunities that are available to you. Also, utilize your professors and advisors who will offer you advice, point you in the right direction for classes and internships, and answer any questions you have regarding your future. Don’t hesitate to use The Career Center to work on your resume and to prepare for interviews.

What is one career-related accomplishment you hope to make before you graduate?

One career-related accomplishment I hope to make before graduation is getting a job.


Alexandra Cohen, Junior 
Public Relations Major

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