Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Thanksgiving Day Plan

It has been a long semester. We all need this four-day weekend to relax and spend time with family and friends eating and shopping!  However, I have a few specific ideas for Thanksgiving Day.

1. Get up before 9am, have a nice breakfast and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Make sure to relax and lay on that couch!
2. Help your family prepare some food for your Thanksgiving meal.
3. Think about who will be attending your Thanksgiving Dinner.  Who do they work for? What jobs do they hold or held in the past?  Even if these jobs and career paths are not related to what you want, these people may have some professional insight to share with you, or may know other people who can help you.
4. Create a mental list of questions you may want to ask these people about their jobs and career paths. Remember, these are probably family members or friends. They want to help you. 
-What do you like about your job?
-What are challenges?
-How did you get your job?
-What skills are important for this work?
-What would you recommend I do while I am in college to prepare for my career?
-Can you recommend anyone I could speak to about my career field of interest?
5. Sit down for your dinner; enjoy the food, the conversation, and start asking questions! It is important to ask others for insight and help because 85% of jobs are found through the people we know!

And do not forget to follow up on any insight you learn, contacts or assistance that might be offered, and resources that might be provided! 

Suzanne Dagger, Director of
Career Development and Assessment

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