Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Connecting the Dots Between Resources

Resumes. Cover letters. Interviews. All things needed to land that job or internship.

It can get overwhelming, especially when all those deadlines start looming over your head. Sometimes it’s a matter of “where do I start?” or “how do I improve what I have already?” There are definitely resources out there for you to utilize!

I’m here to connect you to three resources that you can take advantage of throughout the process of developing and perfecting resumes/cover letters and to gain some good interview tips and skills!

  1. Career Planning Handbook – At the Career Center, we’ve put together a book to help you with every step of the career process. There is detailed advice and specific examples of resumes/cover letters and the etiquette of interviews. It’s available online or you can stop by and pick up a hard copy for free!
  2. – This is a resource we offer through PrideCMS where you can get advice on all things career related. They blog (just like I’m doing!) to give you good career advice and also post jobs/internships! However, the ‘”Resumes & More” tab offers you videos and tip sheets dealing with the interview and creating your resume/cover letter. 
  3. Quick Question Hours – Everyday from 10-11AM and 2-4PM we offer a drop in service where, without an appointment, you can get your resume and cover letter looked at from either a career counselor or myself. This can be useful for anyone at any point of the process, whether you need help getting started or getting it finalized before you send it in!

Whether you choose to use one or all of the above is entirely your choice. But these resources can be advantageous throughout the entire process of developing your resume/cover letter and practicing for that interview! And as always, we are here over at the Career Center to offer support throughout that whole process! #PathOfPride

Anne Monique Concepcion,
Graduate Assistant

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