Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sharing Your Career Successes

It is the time of year for giving, and we in the Career Center want you to consider that one of the ways you can give to your peers and classmates is to share your career successes with them.  When we see others pursuing and making progress toward their goals, it can inspire and encourage us to know that we can do the same.  So, in that spirit, here are three ways you can share your successes with others to help them along their path:

1.      Graduating seniors, complete the “Cap & Gown” survey about where you are headed after graduation.  This information gets used by the Career Center, academic departments, current and future students and parents.  It truly helps the whole community when you share your first destination upon graduation.  And if you don’t have that worked out yet, please schedule an appointment with one of us soon!
2.      Many departments on campus host events that allow current and former students to discuss their experiences with others.  Whether it is a formal panel or informal talk or simply a conversation, volunteer for these opportunities.
3.      Let the Career Center interview you for this blog.  We love spotlighting student success stories here and would love to talk with you about your experiences – internships, studying abroad, student teaching, research experiences, student organizations and more are all interest to us and to your peers.
While these are relatively formal approaches to sharing your successes, it can be just as (or more!) meaningful to simply talk with your friends and classmates about your steps along your Path of Pride.  Don’t think of it (or approach it) as bragging, but rather taking the opportunity to inform and inspire.  It’s a great way to give back during this, or any, season!

Gary Alan Miller, Executive Director

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