Friday, January 16, 2015

5 Platforms to Help You Make a Splash Online

Your resume is important. But, depending on your field, it may not be enough. A digital presence is impressive in most fields and downright required in others. But, you might feel that developing an online portfolio or pitch page is a big project. While they can be, here are five easy ways to get online quickly and showcase your work.
  • began life as a blogging platform and grew into a content management system. But, it is also very easy to use to set up an online hub to showcase your work. Making design choices is easy and adding files (video, photo, written works, etc.) is as simple as clicking upload. It is an old-school choice, but it's an easy way to get launched.
  • is another obvious choice. But, what you may not know about it is you can upload files and work samples to turn your profile page into a legitimate portfolio site.  Of course, you want to leverage its networking capabilities, as well. But, it can also function well as your online home if you truly develop your profile.
  • is a stylish, mobile-friendly option for those looking for something a little more graphically interesting. While it would make an excellent choice for a photographer, graphic designer, or artist, those of you who have slightly less visual work can also make interesting portfolio sites here.
  • has been around for a while, but remains useful as an incredibly quick way to get a site developed.  It isn't the best choice for a portfolio site. However, it certainly is a good option to use as a home base if your work is spread across different platforms and social media sites.  
  • is another mobile-adaptive site that has been used heavily by the design and art world. But, there is nothing stopping creative-minded people who are pursuing any other fields from making a splash with their own page here. You can use this awkwardly-named site to create a Pinterest-like showcase for your documents and projects with speed and appeal.
In 2015 there is no shortage of ways to get yourself online in a professional manner that will impress potential employers with your motivation and tech savvy abilities. So, don't miss out on the opportunity to do so!

Gary Alan Miller,
Executive Director

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