Thursday, January 15, 2015

Best Jobs of 2015

In the world of Buzzfeed quizzes, top ten lists, and annual rankings we are all challenged to know what is reliable and what is not. So, to add to the chaos, US News & World Report just released their annual rankings of the Best Jobs of 2015. In no way am I vouching for this list, but amongst all the lists that come out each year, I really thought this list of job types was diverse and a little distinct from others. Specifically, the rankings not only account for the ever-important salary and employment levels, but it also takes into account other factors such as job security and work life balance. 

In my experience as a career counselor, these two criteria tend to get overlooked by college students in their career exploration. Many times students, and in many cases adults, tend to focus on salary and the availability of jobs. Albeit, two factors that are essential when one is in need of a job.  Yet, if you are searching to establish a career or change a career path, many individuals begin to consider their values and what is important to them such as the widespread values of job security and work life balance (if you are looking for some more information on values in the workplace, check out my blog from a few weeks ago regarding another list, Glassdoor’s annual Best Employers to Work for in the United States).

Jobs in the healthcare and technology industries dominate the highest rankings on the list. So I wonder, if I want to be the #7 ranked job of Computer Systems Analyst in a healthcare setting would I double up my rankings of having a top job?

Suzanne Pike,
 Director of Career Development and Assessment

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