Wednesday, January 14, 2015

To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists. We’ve all got them. They consist of tasks that need to be completed by tomorrow, next week, in the next few minutes—usually along the lines of doing laundry, stopping at the bank, grocery shopping etc. I have found that the best piece of advice I can give is to write them down!

I very much was a “make a mental list” kind of person, and that only got me into trouble when pieces of that list fell off the grid and goals never got reached. So I’ve began writing things down. And I’ve found the most satisfying feeling is looking at a list all crossed off and completed!

Now, I want you to take a moment and think about what your current career goal is. Do you want to get an internship for the Summer? Are you graduating and hoping to get a job post-graduation? Or maybe a graduate program is in your future? Maybe you want to take steps to deciding on a major? Now that you’ve solidified that goal in your mind, write down your To-Do list!

Here’s a few examples I think should be on your To-Do list in order to help you reach your goal.
  • Research different opportunities—Whether you’re looking for a job, internship, or new major, research what opportunities are out there that interest you. This will give you a different list of things you can aspire to.
  • Update your resume—A resume is a list in itself! It lists all your accomplishments and great experiences that will help move you forward. Make sure it’s up to date and appropriate, then bring it in to the Career Center for an appointment or go to Quick Question Hours (10-11 AM and 2-4 PM every day) to get it critiqued by myself or a Career Counselor.
  • Create a cover letter—A cover letter is one of the first chances an employer gets to know you a little more personally. Draft up a cover letter that is interesting and will help showcase how great of a candidate you are for the position. Then, come in to the Career Center to get it edited!
  • Network, network, network!—Talk to your family, friends, faculty, anybody! You won’t believe who knows who or what type of information each person is able to offer. You may just find the solution to your goal through that person.

These are just a few things that can be on your To-Do list in order to achieve the career goal you’ve set for yourself. And as always, we at the Career Center are here to support throughout every step of the way! Call us at (516) 463-6060 or go online to to make an appointment and start crossing tasks off your To-Do list! 

Anne Monique Concepcion,
Graduate Assistant

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