Friday, February 20, 2015

E-Mail: To Respond or Not To Respond?

It can be so defeating and frustrating when you have spent tons of time applying to an organization and then not to hear anything back. Students applying for internships and jobs tend to think: Did my email get lost? Was my resume awful? Are they rude people? Why did the recruiter tell me to E-Mail them, and then not respond?

In this day and age, even though I am not applying for jobs it still shocks me when people do not respond to E-Mail. In my opinion, it is a professional courtesy; unless of course, you are trying to sell me something or E-Mail me daily. In that situation, do not expect to hear from me!

E-Mail can be tricky, and recruiters many times try their best to respond to applicants even if it is an automated E-Mail saying they received your application or message. recently posted a smart and short article by Adrian J. Hopkins entitled “Why no one has responded to your E-Mail.” In the end, keep your chin up and keep applying. The more you put out there the more you increase your chances of getting a response!

Suzanne Pike,
Director of Career Development and Assessment

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