Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Skype Back-Up!

Dear Students, 

I know this weather has been terrible for scheduling and rescheduling interviews. What should a student do?  You should be reaching out to the potential employers impressing to them that you are still interested in the position and  find out how you can possibly do a Skype interview.

Things to keep in mind when doing a Skype interview;
  1. Find a quiet space – home office or empty bedroom
  2. Remove wall art 
  3. Be fully dressed (just in case you need to get up) 
  4. Do research on the company or agency
  5. Relax; they have already picked you for an interview
Job search has many challenges and many times Mother Nature is not in line with your plans.  Make sure you have a Plan B incase the weather does not.

Lorraine Massiah,
Assistant Director

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