Monday, July 13, 2015

A Resume That Excels

So you’re finishing up your resume and added the common “Skills” section at the bottom like most resumes you have seen.

You include any foreign languages you know, and your computer skills.

For most students, the Skills section could look something like this:

Basic Spanish
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word

But did you know that you can make your Skills section more notable if you listed the specific Excel skills you have?

Some of the Excel skills that you could list on your resume, and may already possess are:

·      PivotTables
·      Charts
·      Formulas
·      Functions

If you want to learn or relearn these skills, there are various free tutorials online including (which I found through a quick Google search).

Listing specific Excel skills might start to become more common, as employers start to ask candidates to give more detail about their Excel skills in interviews. And your skills section can perhaps look like this:

Basic Spanish
Microsoft Excel – PivotTables, Charts, Microsoft Word

      Nayelli Perez
       Assistant Director


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