Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vacation, All I ever Wanted

Ah yes…sleeping late, working a fun summer job and hanging out at the beach or with friends and family doing whatever you like to do sounds very appealing. Sounds downright delightful. However, just because school's out for Summer and businesses slow down and folks go on vacation doesn't mean all will be quiet on the employment front! Actually, these Summer months can be an extremely busy time for internship or job seekers - and here are four steps to follow to make the most of this special time:

1. Create a schedule. This will help organize your day and make the most of your job (re)search. Include some down-time on your "to do" list to relax so that you don't feel like you are spending the entire summer working on finding an internship or job.

2. Stay Social. Social networking is always a good choice when trying to remain visible even when nobody is around. Now is a good time to create or populate your LinkedIn account so you can connect with companies, hiring managers and alumni. Ask for informal meetings or to make connections.

3. Network. Networking is pretty much one of the best ways to secure a job and you should not slack on this major step during the summer. Industry events, career fairs and conferences are still happening. Attend them. People will be hosting summer outings, a prime opportunity to meet new people and articulate your career goals. And make sure that your "backyard of contacts" knows you are looking!

4. Apply. Make it a point to try and apply for a few internships or jobs per week. Be strategic and really write a solid cover letter, a unique and highly customized document, for each opportunity. Don’t spray your resume into the internet vortex and pray that someone gives it a second look. Less is more. Check on LinkedIn to see if you know anyone who works there.

Hiring still happens over the summer, and if you stay on top of your search you can make great strides. So do have a great summer vacation but don't take a vacation from your job/internship search – businesses still have to function and positions still need to be filled. Instead, take your efforts to the next level and be better positioned to land something for fall and beyond.

See you at The Career Center in September! 

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