Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meet Our HU Students: Alison Krowiak

Alison Krowiak
Hometown: Seaford, NY
Major(s): Psychology with Minors in Business and Civic Engagement

When you were young, what did you think you wanted to be "when you grow up?"
I wanted to be an author or an interior designer when I was younger because I loved reading and watching HGTV. I continue to do those things today, however my career plans have changed.

What career do you hope your first job after graduate will be?
After graduation I would like to work in nonprofit administration, including fundraising, operations, and communications. I would especially hope to work for a nonprofit that has the same values about social justice and human development as I do.

What experience have you had so far that you think is best preparing you to reach that goal?
I feel I've come a long way professionally by working at the Hofstra Career Center for the last few years. By assisting Hofstra students and supporting Career Center operations, I have learned how to provide good service, keep tabs on multiple tasks, and pay attention to detail in an environment oriented towards helping people. I have no doubt that these abilities will be helpful in the future.

What advice would you have for others who are pursuing this same career?
Whether you are interested in the nonprofit world or any other field, look for internships, volunteer opportunities, or other practical experiences. Not only will you learn transferable skills, but you will learn things about your career interests and talents that you can't learn in the classroom.

Who at Hofstra has had the biggest positive impact on you?

Everyone at the Career Center has been like a second family at Hofstra. As a student employee, I've been able to develop my professional skills with a great team of people and form friendships along the way. Their support and advice over the years has given me more confidence to move forward with my career goals.

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