Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Adapting to the Climate

My work experience has been plentiful; it has provided me with much insight into different positions, but more importantly different employers. The majority of positions that I have entailed are mainly administrative. Yet my experience in each setting has been completely different. This is largely attributed to the employer’s work climate.

The employer’s work climate can positively or negatively impact the employees in the workplace.  Positive climates lead to an increase in employee satisfaction, employee motivation, and an increase in productivity levels. As an employee in this environment, you feel that you are a part of a team and that you are valued. Whereas, working in a negative climate can certainly impede productivity levels. Employers with a poor work climate generally have a low retention rate. The work environment can be hostile and often difficult to work in. 

When searching for a job or career, the work climate is an important factor to consider. As a current graduate student, I will begin applying for positions in my field of study. Evaluating the climate will be a crucial component.

Nala Goonetilleke,
External Relations Graduate Intern

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