Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How Non-Verbal Clues could be Career Miscues

Hello From The Career Center!

As I sit here, in the lobby of The Career Center, I am in the midst of our accounting on-campus recruitment interviews.  Students are meeting with employers, chatting about their experiences, school activities and academics.  Many of these students are well-prepared, having practiced their answers to common interview questions such as "What are your biggest strengths?"  However, it's more than what you say during an interview that gets you hired; it's also those important non-verbal communications skills.

For example, how is your handshake?  Don't know?  Go shake someone's hand and ask for their opinion (go ahead, I'll wait...)  Done?  What was the critique?  Did you crush the other person's hand? Did you give them the "fish" handshake, where your hand is limp?  When an employer comes out to get you for an interview, he or she will undoubtedly shake your hand. You want that first impression to be a good one.  Come on in to The Career Center to shake my hand and I would be happy to give you my opinion.

How you dress is another important factor in an interview. While many students are aware of this, they miss some important points. For example, you may be wearing a black business suit, but if the skirt to that suit is way too short, you are not making the impression that you were intending to.  Same with a wrinkled shirt.
Finally, don't forget to smile! A smile goes a long way in your everyday conversation, and this is the same for an interview.

Need more interview tips?  Make an appointment for a practice interview with The Career Center.

Best Regards,
Darlene Johnson

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