Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Balance Over Winter Break

Meditate and Marinate

As a student you are inindated with emails, text alerts and parental nagging not to “waste the break away”.  I am here to say, use this time wisely.  TAKE A BREAK, relax your mind and body from a long difficult semester.  No need to think about the class that was harder than expected or the extra credit you could have submitted. Self-care is key to success.  You need to replenish those sleep deprived brain cells.  Set a limit on how much “nothing” you want and need. KNOW the DIFFERENCE.

However, once that is done you should start to envision your next steps.  You can start with the first two stages of change which are pre-contemplation and contemplation.  Start to think about what you need to do to prepare for next month, semester and after.  What should it look like? Who should you be calling? How do you need to approach them? Where should you meet? This is the beginning of change and this can be done from the comfort of the couch, bed or even scrolling through IG or SnapChat.  Once you have that vision you can now move on to preparation and when you return it’s ACTION time.

Lorraine Massiah 
Assistant Director for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
The Career Center 

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