Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Building a Professional Online Presence

As we all settle in to these virtual times, some of us find ourselves searching for ways to keep busy in a productive way. We are creating schedules, exercising, learning new recipes, and getting ahead of the assignments and lectures that come with online learning. Even with all of that going on, we may find some idle time on our hands without knowing what to do with it. We may be asking ourselves - what now?

Thinking about your professional online presence and how you are being perceived in this virtual world is a great way to maximize your time. Consider these quick tips for creating an online image that catches the eyes of your dream employers:

1. Google Yourself: Googling yourself is a great way to see what others are seeing when they search you on the internet. Is there someone out there with the same name as you? If so, you might want to consider using your middle name or a middle initial to differentiate you from someone else. You wouldn’t want an employer to mistake you for someone you’re not - especially if their Google search isn’t too clean!

2. Update Your Profiles: While today’s in-person networking opportunities must be put on hold, it is important to make sure you are bringing your A-game to the World Wide Web. Consider visiting your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles and updating them to reflect the true professional you are. Check to see if your experiences are up to date, that your headshot is professional, and that your “About” sections truly speak to what you are looking for as a professional. Try to keep your online profiles as synonymous with your resume as possible - you never know which an employer will see first!

3. Clean-up Your Personal Accounts: Take this time to look through your personal social media accounts/posting history to make sure they reflect the true and current you. It is important that the values you showcase on the World Wide Web align with the missions and values of your targeted companies.

4. Stay Relevant: Creating a professional online presence for yourself is a great way to get employers to notice you. Specifically, with LinkedIn, it is important to stay active. If you find an interesting article on Forbes that you’d like to share or see a conversation you’d like to join in on - now is the time! Don’t forget to continue establishing connections on LinkedIn, too - you never know who you might come across!

For more information on how to leverage your online resources to create your virtual brand, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor by using the Student Success CONNECT app on your Hofstra portal!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor

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