Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Turn Your Idle Time into Your Ideal Time

As we all settle in to our new routines, it is important to stay productive. While 6 hours of Netflix binge-watching seemed like a good idea in the beginning, it is no secret that we are all missing the routine we once had. Now that we’ve all finished watching Tiger King and debriefed with our family and friends via Zoom, we should start getting down to business.

It is now time to turn your idle time into your ideal time, especially when it comes to your career. Take this time to become familiar with your anticipated or current career path in ways you might not have had the time to before. Consider these topics when conducting your research:

Dream Companies vs Safety Companies: Similar to your college search, draft a list of both dream and safety companies to work for. Research their mission statements to determine if their values align with yours, understand the responsibilities of the role you wish to take on, and stay up to date on company news via social media.

Your Projected Salary: Are your salary expectations appropriate for your new career? Does your lifestyle align with your projected salary? Is money a driving factor for you as you move forth as a professional?

Locational Boundaries: Is your dream profession limited to a particular location? If so, are you willing to make the move for your career? Understanding the potential sacrifices you may have to make for your career choice is an important step to take before the overall leap.

Industry Culture: What do you value in an office culture? Do you prefer autonomy, or do you thrive in a collaborative setting? Leverage LinkedIn connections to gain real-world testimonials from professionals in your industry.

The End Goal: If you are interested in a particular industry, it is important to understand the level of education that is required to accomplish your end goal. Whether you need a master’s degree or a Ph.D., you should manage your expectations and determine if additional schooling is something that you can/are willing to take on in the future.

While these trying times may not be ideal, the way you spend your time can be. Exploring these aspects of your potential career path is something you might not have thought of or had the time to do before. Take advantage of your idle time and navigate towards your ideal career path.
For more information on how to design your career goals and path, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor by using the Student Success CONNECT app on your Hofstra portal!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor

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