Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Looking for a job or Internship? 

Look no further!  

Students contact The Career Center in search of job and internship opportunities on a daily basis.  Little do they know that they are only one click away from employers that want HOFSTRA STUDENTS and ALUMNI on their team!

The Career Center boasts a state of the art job posting board, Pride-Career Management System (Pride-CMS), where employers can post and monitor job and internship opportunities. The system is updates daily and you can log in from home through your portal!  

Let me tell you how:
1)        Log in to the Hofstra portal,
2)        Click on “my apps” at the top of the page.
3)        Select “pride career management system.”

To see a video on all the features watch our video on YouTube!

So when your chillin’ on your couch watching the game saying to yourself “I would love to intern for a sports team” or reading the hot new issue of Cosmo saying to yourself, “I totally would love to intern in fashion,” log into Pride-CMS and apply for that dream job or internship!

Factoid: 4,996 jobs and internships were posted in 2010-11 on Pride CMS!

~Joseph Gebbie, Assistant Director

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