Friday, January 27, 2012

What Does On Campus Recruitment or PrideRecruiting Mean?

"I received a job offer from Capital One Bank. I found this opportunity through Pride Recruiting. The Career Center has been an incredible resource for me the past 4 years... Thank you so much!" --Melanie Rosner

The Career Center welcomes you back to campus!  We also want to welcome the employers who will be joining us once again this Spring.  The Career Center facilitates two types of on campus interview programs.  So what does this mean?  The Career Center staff develops professional relationships with various employers representing a multitude of industries. Some of these employers choose to receive resumes from our students (all majors), select candidates of their choice, and hold interviews here at Hofstra (a.k.a. on campus recruitment). 
What is Pride Recruiting?
Pride Recruiting is the on-campus interview program that brings first-round interviews to you! Through Pride Recruiting, students can interview at The Career Center; it is recommended for students in all majors. To participate in this program, students must attend one of the mandatory Pride Recruiting orientations offered throughout February, an Interview to Impress workshop, and a Mock Interview. Students interested in obtaining an internship should also attend one of the Pride Recruiting orientation sessions. All sessions are held at The Career Center. Please bring your resume, which will be critiqued immediately following the orientation. 

The earlier orientation you attend, the more time you have to prepare and research the companies you apply to.  For dates of PrideRecruiting Orientations please visit our online calendar or Pride CMS.

What is the Education Recruitment Program?
The Education Recruitment Program is a program where students have the opportunity to apply and be pre-selected for on campus interviews by both local and out-of-state school districts, and private and charter schools. Schools look to pre-select students for interviews for a variety of certified teaching, administrative and counseling-related positions for the upcoming school year. To participate in the program, students must be in their FINAL academic year at Hofstra University and receiving state certification to practice in a public school. 
This is a benefit of undergraduate and graduate students' FINAL year at Hofstra, ONLY December 2011, May 2012 and August 2012 Hofstra graduates are eligible. To participate in this program, students must attend a mandatory Education Recruitment Orientation. For dates of Education Recruitment Orientations please visit our online calendar or Pride CMS.
Looking forward to working with you this Spring!

~Danielle Dellilo, Recruiting Coordinator

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