Friday, October 25, 2013

Ten Wishes for Hofstra University’s Undergraduate Students

  1. I wish all students could live on campus. It really helps you to get involved in clubs and activities and build relationships with faculty and peers.
  2. I wish all students knew their academic advisor by name.  They will be helping you plan your academic schedule and making sure you are on the right track towards graduation.
  3. I wish all students would utilize the Writing Center.  This is a great resource where you can receive help on your essays and research papers.  Grammar, punctuation and, correct spelling are not overrated.
  4. I wish all students would visit the financial aid office to understand the student loan process and how to pay for college.
  5. I wish all students could secure at least two internships prior to graduation.  Internships are ways to gain practical experience in your field and it makes you more marketable after graduation.
  6. I wish all students would do a “Mock Interview”.  It is a great opportunity to practice your interview skills and gain valuable feedback.
  7. I wish students would utilize campus resources, programs, workshops and information sessions.  This is a way to be in the “know” about things that happen both on and off campus.
  8. I wish all students would study abroad.  This is a way to see another part of the world and broaden your horizons.
  9. I wish that all students would see their major as the beginning, not the end. Your major does not determine the rest of your life.
  10. I wish students would not be afraid of networking and see it as an opportunity to embrace the future.
Lorraine Massiah, Assistant Director

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