Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 New Technology Resources from the Career Center

Here at the Career Center, we are constantly focused on improving and providing new resources and services.  This semester, we launched quite a large list of new services and platforms to help you along the path of your career.  In this post, I want to highlight three that you may have missed when we announced them at the beginning of the semester.

  • You can now make appointments with our career counselors through our website.  So, whenever you’re sitting at home or in your residence hall thinking, “I need some help with my career planning,” all you need to do is click over to our site and get on our calendars at a time of your convenience.
  • While there is no substitute for practicing interviews and get feedback from us in person, we have launched an online practice interview module as part of the Pride-CMS system.  Access Pride-CMS through the “my apps” section of the portal.  Once you’ve updated your profile, you can click on the “resources” tab within Pride-CMS and use your webcam to practice any of the 30+ interviews we have built for you, or you can build your own from over 1800 pre-recorded questions.
  • GoinGlobal is another new resource available within Pride-CMS (again, through the “my apps” section of the portal).  GoinGlobal is rich with information on career-related and cultural information from nearly 50 countries and a wide-variety of US cities.  Use this system to find best information about travelling to and working in other countries.  It’s also very useful if you’re considering a move to another area in the US.

Take a look at these new resources and let us know what you think!

Gary Miller, Executive Director

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