Friday, September 4, 2015

Connect with The Career Center: Anne Concepcion

1. What is your role at the Career Center?
As the Graduate Assistant of the Career Center, I find I dabble in a little bit of everything. I mainly manage our social media accounts (Facebook - Instagram - Twitter), provide resume/cover letter critiques during our drop-in Quick Question hours, send out weekly newsletters, and support the External Relations team by helping where I can with career fairs, on-campus recruitment, and answering employer questions!

2. What did you study in school OR what was your favorite class when you were in school?
I am currently enrolled here at Hofstra as a second-year Mental Health Counseling graduate student. My favorite class so far has probably been my Advanced Counseling Skills & Strategies that I took this past summer. I felt that it really integrated a lot of the theories I was learning/have learned about with specific techniques, and I feel a little bit more prepared for my future career!

3. Where is your favorite spot on campus?
I really love the woodsy area behind Spiegel Theatre. When I first started at Hofstra, I walked through that area and fell in love with all the trees and flowers. My favorite tree is the one closest to the entrance of Spiegel Theatre, the one that looks like it's made from the tops of pineapples :)

4. What is your favorite season and why?
I am 100% a Fall baby. I love the colors changing (red is my favorite color), the weather cooling off, Fall fashion (layers and scarves, all the way!), and the over-abundance of pumpkin and apple-flavored everything. 

5. What message do you have for the incoming class of 2019/returning Hofstra students as they begin their new school year?
College is where you'll experience a large amount of growth in a short amount of time. So anything that you have an interest in, find a place at Hofstra where you can foster it. Whether it be a class, club, organization, internship, volunteering experience, conversations with administrators/faculty, etc. there will be a place to further pursue it and learn from, in and out of the classroom!

Anne Concepcion, Graduate Assistant

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