Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Did You Do Over The Summer?

Well, it’s officially Fall! There is a slight chill in the air and you can get just about anything pumpkin-flavored that you could possibly want. But let’s not forget so quickly about this past summer! How did you spend your time off? Did you travel extensively? Were you working? Volunteering? Learning a new computer skill? Any of these things can now be put on your resume.

Never underestimate the value of any part-time job. Say, for example, you are a Public Relations major and you were a lifeguard one day a week over the summer. You may think that putting this position on your resume doesn’t make sense because it’s not related to your major and because it was only one day a week. However, there is no requirement on the number of hours that you need to do a job in order to put it on your resume. Also, while the position itself may not be related to your career goal, the transferable skills learned and used at that job would be relevant to any position. As a lifeguard you have a serious amount of responsibility and must work under pressure.  You also must pay attention to what is going on around you and respond when needed. Maybe you also trained new lifeguards, supervised others, or were given responsibility to open and close the pool area. All of those job duties would fit in quite nicely on a resume!

The Career Center is here to help you take those summer experiences and put them on a resume or practice talking about them in an interview. Make an appointment with us before those summer memories fade away like your tan lines.

Darlene Johnson,
Director of External Relations

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